Mr.A Shanmugha Sundaram, CEO, Value Plus.


  15 Years Experience

  More than 1050 sessions

  More than 60,000 participants

  More than 45 Corporate Companies

  More than 80 Engg Colleges

Mr.A.Shanmugasundaram is a psychologist, motivational speaker and HRD trainer. He worked in Dena Bank for 33 years and retired voluntarily to involve fully in training arena. He has an academic background of a Master’s Degree and M.Phil Degree in Psychology. To strengthen the knowledge and exposure on Psychology, he has added two Post Graduate Diplomas in Counselling.

Specialisation, area of coverage and different trainings handled

Shanmugasundaram is a Certified NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) certified by NFNLP, USA. He got trained in Hypnosis by the experts in the field, Mr. Rushikumar Pandya and Mr. Pradeep Agarwal. He has undergone training on Reiki (Level 1 & 2). He has written more than 85 articles in different magazines. His speeches were broadcast by All India Radio many times. Shanmugasundaram got his expertise in mind programming, to train to use the power of the mind. He has got many awards for his excellence in trainings like

  • Best Service Award from Lions Club,
  • Winning Motivator Award from Chennai HR Forum and
  • Manidha Neya Mamani Award from a social organization,apart from many appreciation certificates from many organizations.

So far, he has conducted more than 1050 programmes in the past fifteen years on specialized topics on HRD, Personality Development and Soft Skills, covering about 60,000 participants.

He was a visiting faculty to Police Academy, Chennai to give training to top officials of Police Dept. on .Stress Management’, ‘Communication skills’ and on ‘Balancing professional life with personal life’Total(32 sessions). He is the author of book எம் மாணவனையும் பொன்னாக்கலாம் , CD “Studying Techniques” & Audio CD “Listen, Relax & Achieve” series. He was regularly giving training to technicians at

  • MRF
  • E.S.I 

His training programs at SRM University can be viewed in He is appearing in Shalini TV daily in the morning shows. He has appeared in RaJ TV (Maname, Maname) He is conducting regular public workshops on mind programming titled ‘MASTER YOUR MIND’.